Women’s Dresses : Choosing What Best Fits You

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It pays to look good in dresses. Being all dolled up gives that extra confidence boost that you need. But sometimes, dressing up the wrong way can do more harm that good to your self-confidence. This can easily be remedied by knowing what kind of dress best suits your body type. Maxi dresses are one of the kind of dresses that could be worn and can never be wrong for anyone. It’s all about making sure you know and accept your body type and work with what you’ve got.

Maxi dresses as best women's Dresses

It’s so easy to fall trap to feeling bad if you don’t the impossibly ideal 34-25-36 body proportion that media so amusingly makes us believe is the standard of what is beautiful or sexy. It’s either you should have perfectly proportioned curves, or you’re expected to be as thin as the ramp models are, which for most normal girls such as me, would mean starvation. That is not healthy either. So the first thing you need to know to dress well is – there is no ideal shape, only an ideal mindset – which is about self-awareness and self-acceptance.

When purchasing the dresses, make sure you follow our tips below too.

##Women’s Dresses Tip #1 : Know your body type.

Pear – Off-shoulder dresses. Pear shape bodies have lower bodies that are wider than their upper torsos. The hips are user full or wider, and the bottom is well-defined. For this kind of body type, it’s best to not draw attention to the hips so avoid body contouring dresses the focus too much on the lower body. Off-shoulders or strapless dresses are ideal for this kind of body type since it will even out the focus from the bottom part of the body. Halter cut dresses are great on pear shape bodies.

Wedge – Short full skirt dresses. Wedge shape bodies feature broad shoulders and chest. They have narrow hips and waist too. The key to looking good in a dress for wedge body types is to accentuate the legs. Short dresses might be a good idea. Full skirt dresses are great for this body type, and you can also try those that have lighter colored bottom dresses. These will give focus on the lower part of your body. Because of the broad shoulders, it’s not a good idea to wear spaghetti straps and boat neckline cuts. Instead, it’s best to focus on the waist and the legs. So if you can get high-cut waist dresses, that would be great.

Apple – Short high-waisted circle dresses. Apple shaped body types have some weight build up above their waist, above the hips, and the back, chest and shoulders are broad. But what’s working for girls with this body type are their legs — nicely shaped legs to die for. So the best way to accentuate this body type is to show off those legs with a short dress usually cut above the knees. V-neck cuts are great as it help create the illusion of a thin torso, and takes the focus away from the broad back and shoulders. You can also have empire cuts, but be careful on how the material falls as some cuts like this can make you look pregnant. To be safe, you opt for high-waisted circle skits that will flatter your legs and cut your waistline at the narrowest point. Shift dresses are great for this body type too.

Hourglass – Wrap around dresses. Hourglass body shapes are donned with tiny waists, and shoulders that are proportional to the waist. This kind of the body type goes very well with dresses that are body-hugging and fitted. A pencil cut dress will also go well on this body type. The best kind would be the wrap dresses. This kind of cut will highlight the tiny waist and the gorgeous hips. The good thing about hourglass body types is that there are a lot of dresses that go well on them.

##Women’s Dresses Tip #2 : Prepare your pegs.

After you’ve determined your body type, feel free to look for pegs online. Save them in your phone or tablet so when you go to the mall, you have idea what you’re looking for. Remember the basic assets of each body type, and feel free to experiment from there. Having pegs should not limit you, but instead, use them as guides so you do not go around aimlessly figuring out what piece to buy.

Rosie Masters says “Being Well Dressed is a beautiful form of Politeness”.

##Women’s Dresses Tip #3 : Do not feel bad if the item does not fit.

There are cases when the dress won’t fit you. It looks on the window shop, on a mannequin, but for some reason it just really looks off on you. Relax. This is normal. Remember, these clothes look on a mannequin but might not look good on you and that is perfectly fine – each person has her own body type and pegging yours on an impossible mannequin size is just unfair and unnecessary.

##Women’s Dresses Tip #4: Don’t purchase it in the hopes of reaching an ideal weight.

I’ve been guilty of this at one point or another. I would buy a piece that I really like, even if it didn’t fit my shoulders well, or it was too tight along the bust line. I would always tell myself that I will just have to lose some weight and it would look good on me eventually. This is not to discourage anyone from wanting to lose some inches, by all means, if it helps boost your health and well-being, then do so! But the danger of buying dresses based on a weight goal is that it is prone to creating further frustrations and confidence issues. The thing with dress cuts is that they do fit a certain kind of body shape. Now, even if you lose weight, there is not such thing as targeted inch-loss. So that dress I bought, even if I lost some weight already, the shoulder area was still too tight. So instead getting the bang for my buck by getting to wear the dress more often, I only got to wear it once. Not very worth the purchase, if you ask me.

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